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Social Media

Why do I need it?

Unless you've got your head in the sand like Humanus-Ignoramus (pictured right, in his natural habitat), you know it's a game changer.
The success gap is widening between businesses that are using social media in an informal manner and those that take a planned approach. This is what your "up to speed" competitors already know. Focusing on your buyers using social media allows you to deliver content aimed at them.

What do I get out of it?

Greater exposure
More traffic
New leads
Boost sales
Brand growth
Meeting people where they are
Sharing is caring
Real time communication = Immediate Results

What's out there? What's right for me?

There's plenty of choice when it comes to social media. It can be paralysing. "Who do I sign up with? Aaarrgghhh!"

What you must know is, even those who don't like social media, are exposed to it. It's inescapable. This is great. When we take a look at your business we'll help you choose the the most feasible and relevant social media for you. This means we can Google Facebook to Youtube with Linkedin via Instagram to Tweet Pinterest. (Yes we know that doesn't make sense but it sounds really awesome.)

What's trending? 

Your product changes. Your business changes. So should your web presence. Don't "set & forget".

Let your website co-operate with social media. Stay in tune with current pop culture and move with the times, because let's face it; we loved the 80's but we can't stay there. Unless your name is Marty McFly and you drive a Delorean.

Let's K.I.S.S.

What this means is we can take the complexity away and
Keep It Smartly Simple.

Now that you know, come talk to us.

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