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Marketing & SEO

making your website
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Who Are You?

Your brand is the biggest part of your marketing. It not only makes people come to you, but keeps them coming back. It creates a bond which lets your market remember you.

We can assist you in engineering changes to attract new business, or strengthen existing relationships by recognising what you do best, and what you are known for.

marketing2What's in it for me?

Your marketing either inspires or deters people. Your website should deliver effective communication and strategy in order for people to engage with you. You win by getting a larger and more relevant audience. Your audience also wins because you have found a way to become more attractive, simple and worthwhile.

seo1Search Engine Optimisation

You’re in business, and you know how crucial it is to be found on places like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Additional sales and traffic coming through your website are the result of effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Maintaining consistent first rate results is difficult without an effective online strategy.

You're not an SEO specialist, and you don't want to be. Unfortunately, this invites a lot of industry vendors to make outlandish promises which are not only expensive but also won't meet your needs.

This is where Integrinet comes in. We work with you to help you understand SEO simply and give you realistic expectations.

Nobody knows your business better than you. We help you explore what makes your business unique and translate that into an effective online strategy. In the end, you will feel comfortable and confident in your SEO strategy.

Invite us to keep your business recognised, or let us help you reinvent it. We love staying outside the box.

Marketing and SEO are just part of the equation. Check out how we like to lead the trend.